Is You...! 

Consider Your Business Goals? 
Increase revenue 
• Drive sales 
• Reduce costs 
The problem! 
By blindly focusing only on our goals there is a tendency to ignore critical fundamental concepts, that are very likely to be far more costly than the perceived increased revenue. 
The recent enforcement of GDPR on the 25th of May has now been ignored by many, considered as another Millennium Bug, something that was just a big fuss over nothing unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. 
GDPR isn’t Rocket Science! 
In very simple terms GDPR implements best practice, something that we should always been doing and enforces rules that in most cases are nothing new, however more substantial with greater consequences for non-compliance. 
Every business must understand how their data flows :- 
How it Enters. 
• What it is. 
• Why you need it. 
• How you store it. 
• Who has access to it. 
• Who you share it with. 
• How you protect it. 
• How long you have it. 
• How long you can keep it. 
Your Staff  
At every stage your customers must be fully informed in a Clear, Concise and Transparent fashion and your staff must be fully trained, trained so they:- 
• Protect the data. 
• Understand how to process it. 
• How they manage it. 
• Who they share it with. 
• How to report on it. 
• Understand all policies and procedures to ensure your compliance continues. 
The Unrealised Benefits of GDPR 
All of this may sound a little complicated, however by following a structured compliance journey will make running your business easier, offering 2 clear benefits:- 
By better understanding how your business works it is usual that cost and efficiency savings will become apparent. 
• Your customers will know that you value them, their data and their custom. Soon prospective Customers will start to look for GDPR compliant companies, this will offer a competitive advantage to those who are, shouldn't you be? 
If you would you like to benefit from GDPR? 
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