Our Compliance Training 

Our “Your Business, Your Data, Your Protection, GDPR & You” Compliance Training is very unique and is designed to take each delegate on a journey. 
The journey our clinic follows will allow each delegate to understand their accountability and responsibilities for compliance within their business, no matter what job role they may have. 
After Attending our Compliance Training 
You will understand GDPR
You will understand PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulation). 
You will understand the difference between GDPR and PECR
How Cyber Crime can affect your business. 
What Appropriate Measures are and why they are so important to implement. 
What your Compliance will involve and how to start your Journey

Your Compliance Training 

We may forget, our data is everywhere and we communicate in many ways: - 
Computer – Laptop, Desktop or Tablet. 
Phone – Home, Business and Mobile. 
Face to Face, Written or by Email. 
We share our data without understanding the consequences and forgetting: - 
People are Listening 
Looking for our Vulnerabilities. 
Trying to steal our Information, Money or Reputation. 
We Understand: - 
How your Business works! 
How your Data flows! 
How to Protect you! 
Most importantly How GDPR will affect you! 
We Believe: - 
That everyone should be responsible within their job role and these responsibilities should be taken very seriously, however for many misunderstanding the importance of the data they hold.  
Each and every member of staff is accountable and employee training is required as part of GDPR Appropriate Technical and Organisational Measures for any organisation. 
Our “Your Business, Your Data, Your Protection, GDPR & You Clinic” is a comprehensive tool to allow your business and staff to become appropriately responsible and will cover all topics to assist Compliance. 
It’s A Bespoke Session 
We have taken great care to design “Your Business, Your Data, Your Protection, GDPR & You!!” to ensure that in a fun and entertaining way we dispel the myths and fears of Compliance. 
Your Clinic can be uniquely delivered in 3 ways: - 
Your Premises. 
Our Unique Event Venue.  
Our "Instructor led fully interactive Compliance Training" is what you need. 
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