Your GDPR Compliance  

or as we like to say "Good Data Protects Reputations" - Your Reputation! 

What is GDPR? 

In very simple terms the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is new European wide legislation which replaces DPA (Data Protection Act) in the UK & Europe. 
This new regulation was enforced Europe wide from the 25th of May 2018 and brought with it new measures to protect personal and sensitive personal data. 
Despite what many may think rather than being a nuisance, GDPR is simply implementing "Best Practices" that we should have always of been doing, thus allowing us to protect the personal and sensitive personal data held within our organisations. 
Implementing GDPR and following a path of compliance will allow your business to operate more effectively as you will have more control on the data that you manage. 

Why do I need to take Notice of GDPR? 

Your business does need to focus on GDPR compliance as the penalties have been increased dramatically since the 25th of May 2018. 
GDPR determines that you must take appropriate Technical and Organisational measures to ensure the integrity of the data contained within your business including suitable destruction. 
We want to deliver "Peace of Mind" for your business and it is our objective to assist you on your road to GDPR compliance, minimise your exposure and focus on the benefits of your compliance:- 
Cost and efficiency savings by better understanding how your business works! 
Utilising a competitive advantage as your current and future customers will know you protect their data! 
Our GDPR/Cyber Consultancy will ensure that your business follows the correct Compliance Journey. 
The Pitfalls. 
Understanding your requirements. 
Identifiying your areas of concern. 
How Cyber Crime can affect your business. 
Be able to Identify, Evaluate & Avoid the scams from Cyber Criminals. 
Implemention of Appropriate Technical & Organisational measures, policies & procedures. 
What your Compliance will involve and how to start your Journey. 
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