GDPR - what it will mean for you...? Do you know? 

What is GDPR? 

In very simple terms the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is new European wide legislation which replaces DPA (Data Protection Act) in the UK & Europe. 
This new regulation will be enforced Europe wide from the 25th of May 2018 and will bring with it new measures to protect personal and sensitive personal data. 

Why do I need to take Notice of GDPR? 

It Is Very True  
Your business does need to focus on GDPR compliance 
The penalties have been increased dramatically. 
"Fines per breach can be up to £20 Million or 4% of your Global Turnover. A breach must be reported within 72 hours of discovery and Failure to report will result in fines up to £10 Million or 2% of your Global Turnover." 
It is our objective to assist you on your road to GDPR compliance and minimise your exposure. 

How do y0u become GDPR compliant? 

With GDPR your Business must be able to:- 
Identify, Control, Protect and Report on all the data that exists within your company, it is very important to remember that the data you hold may not just be electronic, therefore it is imperative to ensure that you understand all of the data your business holds. 
What is data? 
“Any personal & private information which relates to an identifiable living individual” 
We believe the data any company will hold will fit into the following 3 categories:- 
Informational, Transactional or Maintained 
As a business owner you are legally responsible for meeting the requirements of GDPR in all areas. 

We Understand Your Requirements For GDPR Complaince, Do You? 

GDPR determines that you must take appropriate measures to ensure the integrity of the data contained within your business including suitable destruction. 
The Time For You To Act is Now..! 
Our Appropriate Measures Audit, which will put you in control on your road to GDPR compliance. 
Our Appropriate Measures Audit (AMA) costs only £130, and as part of the process: 
We will examine the Technology/Data within your business and how you use it. 
We will ensure that you have the right security, configuration and protection. 
Impartially reviewing with no obligation your current environment. 
Fully detailing any enhancements that may be required to assist with compliance. 
Your GDPR Clinics run regularly, we are however very happy to provide bespoke training for your journey on the road to GDPR compliance ... 
For Impartial Advice