Sometimes we all need a helping hand... 
Your Business is in Crisis and you may not even know it yet.. 
The Crisis that is affecting your business is Cyber Crime, the cause of this Crisis may actually be you! 
It cannot have escaped your notice that Christmas is nearly here and in our struggle to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones, we look harder and further which makes us vulnerable to Cyber Criminals who use this time of year to steal from us, using the internet as their happy hunting ground. 
He has Just heard there is a Cyber Awareness Workshop he can attend!! 
It cannot have escaped your notice that Black Friday will be with us again soon…one of the biggest days for internet shopping and a cyber criminals happy hunting ground. 
We all love a bargain and in striving to get one on Black Friday we may consider buying from more obscure Internet resellers, in a lot of cases these sites may be bogus where Cyber Criminals are waiting to steal from you. 

Stay Safe On Line 

Cyber Criminals make this once pleasant past time, very complicated 
As a Business – There has always been the option to wait for certain things to happen before you needed to spend money to fix them! 
As the increase in Cyber Crime continues this is no longer possible. 
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